Dr. Bloch

I mentioned a while ago that I had contacted Dr. Orin Bloch about his research. As I’m going through the pre-surgery documentation to revisit the details now that we know more about what was in […]

Second Opinion

Back before the surgery, when I was looking for a second opinion about treatment options and researching who the best surgeons in the area would be, Grand Rounds located the very impressive Dr. Manish Aghi to […]

Two Week Review

Last Friday we met with Dr. Ferriera, the amazing neurosurgeon who handled my craniotomy, to follow up briefly on the post-surgery pathology report. Here’s what he said: it turns out that the tumor is a […]

Research Funding

So, chondrosarcoma is one of several rare cancers. The drawback to having a rare cancer is that there is seldom a lot of research about it. Scientific research in general is often expensive and time-consuming, […]


So, my excellent neuro-oncologist has indicated, depending on the outcome of the surgery, radiation treatment may not be necessary. She shared an article by Almefty (2007), where on page 2465, he says the following: “Radiotherapy […]

My Medical Team

My neuro-oncologist is Dr. Lynne Taylor, and my neurosurgeon is Dr. Joseph Serrone. At Virginia Mason, doctors get together and review these sorts of cases with a team of people once every other week. Here […]