Abe’s been hard at work on his latest illustration. It will be posted later today on merkstudios.com. I’m incredibly proud of him – his work is just awesome.

UPDATE: Okay – maybe a few days… he’s making some last-minute edits. Exciting! I’ll let you know on this page when it’s up and ready.

UPDATE 2: The new image is posted! Check it out at www.merkstudios.com… it’s the last one.

UPDATE 3: I know the post has nothing to do with fishing – I just especially like this photo of Abe.

3 thoughts on “Abe!”

  1. Michael Popham

    Awesome! Actually, I love all the posted images. If I ever need a logo done, that’s where I’ll turn.

  2. Hi Abe! Great work. I had to laugh at the Update, though. Always, the perfectionist, just a few more edits. I’ve loved your artwork since you were in your early teens. I’m so glad you two found each other.

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