Brain Phoenix

I’m pretty sure I want a tattoo of a phoenix carrying a brain.

phoenix illustration photo

The phoenix is on the official flag of San Francisco, for obvious reasons. For less obvious reasons, the San Francisco phoenix has a banner beneath it that says “gold in peace, iron in war”.

My phoenix, aside from the addition of a brain, will also need a banner with a better saying. Maybe “Help! A phoenix has my brain!” or perhaps “I left my brain in San Francisco”.  Thoughts?

4 thoughts on “Brain Phoenix”

  1. Well if you have to leave a brain laying about anywhere San Francisco is a good a place as any. But not downtown! It will be lost in the shuffle of the daily commute traffic. A much better place is near Lands End by the Palace of the Legion of Honor. It is not very well known, magnificent collections! A close to a sea side view fo the Golden Gate Bridge. The bridge, the sunset, the setting can be magical. You can look out over the Pacific and see those long rolling weaves that are born on the Gulf of Alaska that have sailed down here only to pass before your eyes. And you look to the horizon and know the next land mass is Kathay.

    Not the drab China of today, no, but the land of Emperors and magic where Kublai Khan lives in his splendid palace of Xanadu and high adventure of the order of the day.

    It can be cold out over the sea there but the brain has no never ends and you will never know. All you will know is the dreams you want to dream. They will be your true reality.

  2. I love to tattoo idea – hilarious! I think every tattoo should have a story, and your certainly would :o)

    1. lol – I’ll have to have Abe work on it when he’s done with his current series of illustrations.

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