Head Cold :(

Bummer. I’m pretty sure I’ve developed a head cold. No especially high temperature – just a very slight temperature, cough, mild stuffiness, and the occasional sneeze.

I’ll have the doctor’s office double-check it tomorrow to make sure it’s not a cerebrospinal fluid leak, but I’m pretty sure it’s really just the cold that’s been going around.

On the plus side, Costco has finally started carrying Kleenex with lotion, so that helps a lot.

2 thoughts on “Head Cold :(”

  1. Gonzalo Roig

    A cold.

    Buy tissue with aloe in it, Kleenex makes it. Keep warm, not hot, warm. Take in lots of liquids, aspirin or whatever you need, remember better living through chemistry.

    You can then grump, complain, harl and you will have your cold for fourteen days.

    OR you can see the humor in it, and there is always something to laugh at. Keep your spirits up, easy through the days, enjoy your life and you will have it for two weeks.

    1. Actually, I was pretty lucky. It was an especially short cold, and only lasted a few.

      I was glad when Kleenex came out with their tissues with lotion, because Costco doesn’t carry Puffs Plus, which used to be the only tissue with lotion on the market. Every time one of us got a cold, we’d have a make a special trip to the store just for Puffs Plus. That lotion makes a huge difference.

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