New Bald Spot!

Crazy. We’ve been monitoring the fairly extensive incision lines on the left hand side of my head since the surgery, of course. Thursday, however, we came across a new one that we hadn’t even noticed before! Strangely, it’s on the right side. I assume it’s from the clamps they use to keep your noggin in place during surgery.

The cut seems to be healing well. Unlike the other incisions, though, someone had clearly shaved a 1.5″ circle around this one, and so far the missing hair has only grown back a little in a few spots.

This isn’t the only interesting bald spot at the moment. When she removed my stitches a few weeks ago (as many as she could find, anyway), the nurse had to remove a few patches of hair to make that process easier. Also, in some spots the scar tissue from the big incisions are hairless. Really, it was just a surprise to find one so large in such an unexpected place. We hadn’t noticed it before because the rest of my hair did such a good job covering it up.

It will be interesting, once everything heals up, to figure out what kind of hairstyle will be necessary to hide as many head scars as possible. I don’t care so much – frankly, I was a bit bummed out when they asked me not to shave my head in preparation for the surgery.  My guess is it might be distracting at work, though, to have a bunch of weird noticeable bald spots like little anti-oases in an otherwise full head of hair. I might have to quit straightening everything and let it go curly. We’ll see.

2 thoughts on “New Bald Spot!”

  1. Go au naturel. You have gorgeous hair. I vote for curly everyday. Send us pictures?
    Thinking of you.
    It’s smart that you are trimming down your list of meds. I share your thoughts on that subject.
    I loved your very ambitious wish list. My list seems to change with every wish that comes to fruition in a zig zag fashion. Every one changes me in some way that I didn’t expect, sometimes altering my course altogether. I’ve come to enjoy the simple act of moving forward and being grateful for the present.
    That’s my wish for you!
    Aloha, Susan

    1. Thanks, Susan! I love your posts.

      The wish list is fun – mine changes a lot, too, for the same reasons. 🙂

      If I could get the hair to just look curly rather than leaning more toward “fuzzy clown wig”, I’d definitely go back to curly. It may be time to pull the hot rollers back out again.

      Or perhaps head over to Pinterest and try to get everyone to decide fuzzy clown wig hair is fashionable again, like they did in the 80s. After all, they seem to agree on cut-off jean short-shorts with the pockets hanging out the bottom are somehow acceptable – so surely they can be persuaded of anything…

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