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It’s been interesting reading others’ accounts of what a brain tumor is like:

Clearly, there is a lot of variability in outcomes, and a lot depends on the upcoming surgery. I’ve been thinking about best case scenarios. My best case scenario:

The tumor may not be the chondrosarcoma it looks like, but may instead be a non-cancerous regular tumor.

The surgery may have very low morbidity, resulting in few side effects and a quick recovery, both physically and mentally.

My abdudcens nerve may bounce back to its regular shape and my vision may improve.

My craniotomy wound may heal nicely with no side effects.

All totally possible – here’s hoping for the best…

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  1. I’m also totally smitten with the brain hat. I love it. When you’re wearing it you’d have two brains…what could be better than that? Thanks for posting all the medical journals and data, I’m glad to see that you are doing tons of research. Of course, knowing you, I’d expect nothing less. I’m sure you’ve been experimenting with graphs, mapping diagrams and other ways to dispay the data.

    1. My mother is sewing a gray brain hat from the original pattern for me, which is super-exciting! I’ll have to post a picture when it arrives.

      As for the research – no graphs or diagrams. Just lots of emails to researchers asking for additional details. They’re going to think I’m more interested in driving them nuts than finding an optimal treatment before this is over.

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