Slow and Steady

I’ve been posting less often – sorry about that. Week after week of incremental progress is bound to get a bit dull for anyone reading this stuff. Also, my ongoing dance with two partners – mostly Good Cheer with an occasional tap on the shoulder by Vague Crankiness – feels a bit indecisive and doesn’t make for super-engaging commentary.

When I met with Dr. Ferreira, he mentioned that all my symptoms are perfectly normal and nothing to worry about. He said the head pain, memory and focus issues, jaw muscle limitations, tiredness, and other stuff would improve over the next 6 – 12 months. He also peeked in my ear, which probably wasn’t necessary, but made me feel better because I’d been worried about the ongoing earache. He said it wasn’t infected or swollen, so the pain is just normal healing from where he drilled in my skull during the surgery. I knew he’d be drilling in the area, so that makes sense.

I’ve been working diligently with my rehabilitation team – physical, speech, vocational, and occupational therapists – and they’re keeping me pretty busy with homework assignments. I’ve also been accompanying Abe to the gym, where every activity is way more of a challenge than it feels like it ought to be.

Yesterday was a big day, because Abe came with me to Costco optical to help me pick out some new glasses – yay! Now the prism lens that helps address what remains of the double vision will actually be built in to the glasses rather than just a Fresnel lens, which is basically a temporary sticker you attach to your regular lens.

Overall, I’m noticing progress in weekly chunks of time, rather than daily. My head scar feels less stabby. I can walk and read for longer stretches of time. Cheers to Dr. Ferriera and his team, who did an extraordinary job with this surgery. Without their awesome work, this entire process could have been a lot worse, and I’m profoundly grateful every day for how well it went thanks to their dedication and skill.


3 thoughts on “Slow and Steady”

  1. You are reading more. Good.

    What are you reading more of? Honest question since what you red effects how you feel. Romance novels(UGH!)? Historical factuals? Historical non-factuals? Histories? Science stuff? Glamor stuff? The latest in Paleo(insert words meaning ancient stuff here) studies?

    By now medical tracts have to be less than entertaining.

    Cook books?

    1. It’s true – I’m definitely feeling less enthusiastic about medical journals at the moment. Lately I’ve been moving into books and articles about residential construction techniques, both standard and innovative. I geek out about that stuff.

  2. Pauline Gayle

    Hi Maria,
    It is Pauline and I am so delighted to read about your progress. I know that you will be totally healed before we can say “Maria”. You are on the way to a total and complete recovery and no one will be able to tell you had this chapter unless they read it in your book. I continue to do all I can in support of your healing and I can’t wait to sit and chat and laugh. Missing you very much and sending you and Abe much love.

    Pauline Gayle


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